Top 30 largest US financial companies 2020

Top US financial companies

The financial sector is the pillar of the American economy and day-to-day business operations. Banks, insurance and financial services companies power key financial activities, payment or saving solutions, credit or capital availability, risk mitigation, and financial information accuracy.

365体育网站The top American financial companies are engaged in a wide array of operations all along with the flows of money and capital in the economic cycle. Providing high value-added financial products and services that yield large returns on investments, it is no surprise that financial companies also face very stiff competition from both American and foreign actors of the financial sector.

The fight for market share between the diverse types of banks, insurance companies, financial services companies, and broader financial actors creates a dynamic environment where companies specialize, diversify and acquire others in search of higher yields, reduced costs, better risk hedging, and safer investments.

However, even though competition has traditionally come from companies in the different financial verticals, one of the most important threats that the sector now faces is the disruption of traditional businesses by upcoming startups, the famous FinTech and InsurTech companies.  And some of them, among the largest US startups365体育网站, have already grown to become “unicorns”, startups with a valuation above 1 billion dollars, bringing serious menace to the traditional actors.

As for now, the most prominent financial companies are still pivotal in the US economy and, in spite of these new challenges, most of them will remain in this position for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the sheer financial power of the United States, American financial companies will continue to fight domestically, and leverage the advantage of the economies of scale coming from the size of the US market to expand their footprint in the rest of the world.

List of the top 30 largest American financial companies by market capitalization

To give you more perspective on the actors of the financial sector in the US, details about the thirty largest companies that make the American finance, included in the S&P 500 index, have been listed hereafter. Each company is detailed with presentations of its sub-industry, activities, market capitalization, a direct link to its website, logo and stock symbol.

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The financial companies listed hereafter are ranked by market capitalization in United States Dollars, as of effective close on Friday, February 7, 2020. They are defined as belonging to specific sub-industries of banking, insurance or financial services.

For the complete list of the top 500 US companies that constitute the S&P 500 index, and much more information on each company, check our Top 500 US Companies Spreadsheet.

Shortcuts to each financial company

To facilitate your browsing in this long list, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the top 30 American companies. Be sure to also check the Top 10 financial companies’ summary after the list!

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 32.304 Billion – Stock symbol: TROW

– Market Cap.: $ 34.751 Billion – Stock symbol: TRV

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 37.754 Billion – Stock symbol: PRU

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 38.469 Billion – Stock symbol: AFL

– Market Cap.: $ 39.667 Billion – Stock symbol: ALL

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 42.557 Billion – Stock symbol: BK

– Market Cap.: $ 46.482 Billion – Stock symbol: COF

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 46.508 Billion – Stock symbol: AIG

– Market Cap.: $ 47.211 Billion – Stock symbol: MET

– Market Cap.: $ 48.676 Billion – Stock symbol: PGR

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 50.504 Billion – Stock symbol: MCO

– Market Cap.: $ 51.581 Billion – Stock symbol: ICE

365体育网站– Market Cap.: $ 53.706 Billion – Stock symbol: AON

– Market Cap.: $ 58.686 Billion – Stock symbol: MMC

– Market Cap.: $ 60.773 Billion – Stock symbol: SCHW

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 66.401 Billion – Stock symbol: PNC

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 72.215 Billion – Stock symbol: SPGI

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 72.611 Billion – Stock symbol: CB

 – Market Cap.: $ 72.840 Billion – Stock symbol: TFC

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 76.403 Billion – Stock symbol: CME

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 84.273 Billion – Stock symbol: GS

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 85.309 Billion – Stock symbol: USB

– Market Cap.: $ 86.327 Billion – Stock symbol: BLK

– Market Cap.: $ 87.718 Billion – Stock symbol: MS

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 106.774 Billion – Stock symbol: AXP

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 166.359 Billion – Stock symbol: C

365体育网站 – Market Cap.: $ 197.791 Billion – Stock symbol: WFC

– Market Cap.: $ 305.819 Billion – Stock symbol: BAC

– Market Cap.: $ 423.032 Billion – Stock symbol: JPM

– Market Cap.: $ 555.721 Billion – Stock symbol: BRK.B

Summary: Top 10 US Financial Companies 2020

365体育网站To give you a quick overview of the largest American financial companies in 2020, here is a synthesizing image regrouping the information of the top 10. Note that you can use this image to embed it on your website and other digital properties using the embed code below.

Top 10 US Financial Companies 2020

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Here are the 30 largest American financial companies. Do you think they are worth their market capitalization? Do they provide a valuable and convenient service? Do they have too much economic power… and maybe political power too?

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